Bitcoin Cash F**ked

The planned Bitcoin Cash fork today has resulted in a big problem for the network due to a glitch in the upgrade.

The Bitcoin Cash network stopped processing transactions for various blocks, over what some are claiming to be an issue with the Bitcoin ABC client.

According to Coin.Dance data, most blocks on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain mined after the hard fork are only processing Coinbase transactions, meaning unconfirmed transitions are piling up on the network and users aren’t being able to transact.

The reason for the glitch, according to a Reddit thread, is an “issue” with Bitcoin ABC, a client most cryptocurrency miners are running.

The client carried a code bug affecting the Bitcoin Cash mempool that was unrelated to the upgrade itself. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain requires miners to validate transactions and append new blocks. The mempool consists of all pending transactions on the blockchain awaiting approval by a miner.

The bug is stopping transactions from being processed. The issue, first spotted by BitMEX Research, occurred after the scheduled hard fork.

Developers have now released new code to fix the bug, although its possible some transactions will need to be rolled back.

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Bitcoin Cash F**ked

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