AmaZix partners with European blockchain fund managers Olymp Capital

AmaZix, a leading provider of blockchain-related advisory and consulting, has announced it is partnering with Olymp Capital, an EU-focused investment fund manager dedicated to the blockchain and digital asset class.

Olymp Capital provides the link between investors, companies, and entrepreneurs, aiming to support premium investment opportunities in the Blockchain ecosystem at the infrastructure level. The mutual partnership will give Olymp Capital access to the hundreds of blockchain companies that AmaZix has analysed and reviewed. Likewise, AmaZix will be able to help advise companies that Olymp has invested in.

Christophe de Courson, Olymp Capital CEO said: “Much remains to be done for blockchain technology to reach its full disruptive potential. Many parties must come together to lay down the foundations for a sustainable ecosystem – be it architecture, legislature, or otherwise. However, in practical terms, we need to see strong and stable businesses growing the industry, and we see AmaZix as a leader in helping businesses do that.”

 Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO, said: “For us at AmaZix, all the things that we push for and advocate for in the industry are driving the ongoing paradigm shift in finance, economy, and technology. By definition, blockchain and digital asset advocates are pioneers, staying ahead of the curve and striking out a path for others to follow. We recognise Olymp Capital as a first mover in such a fundamental area of finance and are pleased to be partners with them. The fact that they also have privileged partners such as Fundstrat Global Advisors says a lot about their deep reach and network.”

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AmaZix partners with European blockchain fund managers Olymp Capital

Via: AmaZix partners with European blockchain fund managers Olymp Capital

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