Grin pays its third full-time developer on a mission to “make better money”

Grin, the community-led implementation of the MimbleWimble blockchain with a hint of the Harry Potter, has voted to fund its third paid team member, “Ignotus Peverell.” He will be funded for his work on Grin with a salary of roughly $10,000 per month.

Peverell’s, whose interview we recently covered in this piece, said in that interview: “I was generally dissatisfied with the direction of most cryptocurrencies at the time, privacy-oriented or not. And in some ways still am. By now, it seems we have a clear achievable goal for cryptocurrencies: Make better money. And there is a compelling and fairly obvious set of characteristics that would require: digital, private, trustworthy (by which I mean secure, and censorship resistant), and a few other more minor ones. But instead, most of our field is chasing feature check boxes to capture more froth. When the MimbleWimble white paper was published, it seemed like a good base to attack the goal head on.”

The two other paid developers include “Antioch Peverell” who was voted into the role in February, and “Yeastplume.” The roles are fluid, as Yeastplume told CoinDesk: “There’s no [official] roles. We just continue to work on what we see fit, which so far seems to be working okay.”

In the same meeting, Grin developers also voted for Coinspect to carry out a full third party code audit that inspects “the functionality of the protocol and applied cryptography should be reviewed, as well as the actual code of the implementation.” A draft report from Coinspect is expected by April 20th.

Unusually, Grin came free of ICO, pre-mine or founder’s reward so it has a 100% community-driven funding model. With no large stash of Grins held back for the team, it means it’s challenging to fundraise and pay its staff.

However, Peverell is willing to take a chance. On Github, he stated: “I’d be more than happy to accept Grins. I think it’d be a good thing for the project if I’m directly exposed to it as my livelihood.”

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Grin pays its third full-time developer on a mission to “make better money”

Via: Grin pays its third full-time developer on a mission to “make better money”

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