Coinbase might be adding Ripple support to its platform

Not set in stone, but promising for XRP investors.

It looks like Coinbase might be adding Ripple support to its platform.

In an announcement published on Friday, the company said that it was currently “exploring a broad range of assets,” including Aeternity’s AE token, Stellar (XLM), EOS and the long-awaited XRP.

Though the announcement might well sound promising to XRP investors, the company have also made it clear that the addition isn’t completely set in stone quite yet.

“Adding new assets requires significant exploratory work from both a technical and compliance standpoint, and we cannot guarantee that all the assets we are evaluating will ultimately be listed for trading.” reads the company’s blog post.

It’s also uncertain as to whether all the new assets mentioned in the announcement will receive local wallet support: according to Coinbase, some of them might end up being available to buy and sell only.

In any case, the new currencies will be added ‘on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis’, ensuring they reach customers ‘efficiently and responsibly’.

Coinbase previously announced that it was looking into five new assets, three of which have now been added to its platform. These include BAT, ZEC (unless you’re in the UK or New York) and ZRX, with the two others – 0x and Stellar – reportedly still being explored by the company.

The company also recently teamed up with Ripple to invest in Securitize, a San Francisco-based startup that aims to help businesses ‘tokenise their securities and assets’.

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Coinbase might be adding Ripple support to its platform

Via: Coinbase might be adding Ripple support to its platform

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