CryptoCompare offers souped-up enterprise API service

CryptoCompare, the cryptocurrency market data provider – and preferred crypto pricing source of CNR – today announced a new API service “in response to customer demand”.

The company, which provides real-time multi-market price data on 5000+ coins, plus its own weighted price Index – offering a snapshot of pairings across the markets it covers – has long offered back-end access to the wealth of data it tracks. Now, however, alongside the free API offering, it is providing three-tiers-worth of enhancements for individuals and organisations that need more detail or access.

The CryptoCompare website, and its accompanying free API offering, will continue to enable the monitoring and retrieval of crypto market and pricing data – a service that currently deals with between 20- and 180 million views every hour. However, the new commercial API will be tailored to “the needs of institutional and retail investors as well as third parties, partners and developers,” offering extended access to historical data, customisable API endpoint solutions and call limits, dedicated support, the saving and caching of data locally for offline access and business-specific analysis, as well as redistribution rights.

The company has been very active in its market analysis of late, adding to the pricing data and guides it has been known for thus far with its recent Taxonomy of Crypto Assets, as well as offering and overview of the exchange landscape with its new, regular Monthly Exchange Reviews.

“These initiatives,” its says, “serve to bring rigour to the cryptocurrency market data and provide institutional and retail investors with a reliable, accurate and clean data in support of their investment decisions.”

According to Charles Hayter – CryptoCompare’s founder and CEO – this investment in its tech and API “ensure our infrastructure remains robust and both the retail and institutional investor can access data as needed to execute trades on their investment portfolios.”

“We adhere to rigorous standards to safeguard data integrity,” he added, “normalising global data sources to ensure consistency and confidence in the market.”

The new commercial API service is now live on the CryptoCompare website.


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CryptoCompare offers souped-up enterprise API service

Via: CryptoCompare offers souped-up enterprise API service

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